Marriage– Bleah!

by smoulderingserenity


I want a T-shirt with this graphic on it. Notice it's the bride who's frowning. 😉

Contrary to what the title of this ppst implies, I am not completely anti-marriage. If people find true love and want to have kids in an egalitarian household with the same last name, or just found a really great person to marry, more power to them.

However, I am pro-freedom for me. It pisses me off that marriage is seen as a type of milestone for women like a college degree, as if those who haven’t snagged a man yet are less accomplished people. But marriage isn’t about picking up a warm body to drop thousands of dollars for a ring and say “I do.” It’s supposed to be about love, right? What about women who can’t find love for reasons such as circumstance, timing, or a crappy dating pool?

Why should self-sufficient, child-free career women have to share a house and finances with a long-term partner, anyway? What is wrong with autonomy? What is wrong with referring to your partner as your “significant other” or “fiancĂ©/fiancĂ©e” for life? I’m willing to bet that there are a number of child-free couples who are madly in love, unmarried, have separate finances, and give each other space. I would rather die alone than have some guy act like my free-time police simply because of a ring on his finger.