About this site:

This is a blog meant to help me write down my feelings and facilitate mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and maturation. I got the name from my therapist, who said that I am like a buoy, because my mood fluctuates according to other people’s words. I seek validation from two, three, four, or five people if I did something or something was done to me. I can’t trust my own judgment, even if I’m right. So, I am trying to “become an island” and hear what people tell me without letting it tear me apart. One day? I hope this helps other people too.

About Me:

Age: 23
Sex: Female
Occupation: Grad Student (Healthcare)
Obsessed With: Handbags, Club Soda, and Fragrance: perfume, candles, incense, you name it.
Philosophies: Intersectional feminist. LBGTQAI-friendly. Bleeding heart liberal. Never underestimate a person’s strengths. Dogs are fuzzy humans.
Other: Aspiring Heartless Bitch (TM), “Uppity,” Survivor of bad relationships, Child-free.